Microsoft lagi ngadain promo unlimited OneDrive untuk pengguna Office 365 (Office 365 Home, Personal, atau University)
office 365 promo
Kunjungi untuk mendapatkan promonya. Kalau tanpa promo ini Microsoft memberikan 1 TB gratis untuk setiap pengguna Office 365.
Unlimited disini bukan unlimited dalam arti sebenarnya, ini email yang saya terima dari Microsoft

Ask and you shall receive! We have taken you off the waiting list and your Office 365 account now has access to unlimited OneDrive storage.
We added 10 TB of OneDrive storage to your account to get you started during this initial rollout. If you reach your capacity and need additional storage, or have OneDrive questions, just email us here.

sebenarnya 10 TB storage :D
10 TB gratis

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